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STIV stunt scooter

Acrobatics aren’t just for skateboarders. More and more children are interested in scooters precisely because they allow you to do similar things like on a skateboard. Tricks performed on a scooter can be equally effective.

If your child is willing not only to ride a scooter, but also to play with it, consider giving them the STIV stunt scooter. Thanks to it, she will conquer the world with her acrobatic skills and – what is equally important – get away from the smartphone or computer.

Exercises on a stunt scooter are a solid dose of the movement necessary for the proper development of a child. Moreover, by training tricks, the young man develops willpower and perseverance. And when he masters a skill to perfection, he will be happy to present it not only to his peers, but also to his family.

Color versions:

Technical specifications

from 7 years

up to 100 kg

durable aluminum

100 mm

110 mm

rubber with covers

490 mm



Gimme hulajnoga wyczynowa Stiv

Impact resistance, excellent grip

The STIV scooter has a platform with non-slip material that guarantees adequate footwear adhesion. It is characterized by greater durability and resistance to blows or kicks, and these are not difficult to find, especially when a busy child focuses on performing tricks and does not think that the equipment can be quickly and easily damaged.

The scooter has polyurethane wheels that guarantee reliable grip, and at the same time are extremely durable. The last feature is crucial when performing tricks on a wide variety of surfaces.

The STIV scooter is available in black and white. Both girls and boys like these colors.

Performance driving requires reliability and full control of the vehicle. Both of these conditions are met by the STIV scooter, which is why it is very often chosen by parents for their children who are eager for experience.

Effective and safe stunts

The specially reinforced and well thought-out STIV stunt scooter allows you to feel confident even when performing more advanced tricks.

The vehicle consists of a high-class aluminum frame. The steering wheel with a wide range of rotation and reinforcement is made of the highest quality steel alloy. Inside, it has ball bearings that withstand greater pressure and dynamic jumps.

These features make turning, making circles and performing other tricks extremely easy. The steering wheel grips are coated with non-slip material.

Gimme is a brand created for children and parents for whom a balance bike or a scooter is an important choice during their first adventure with a two-wheeled vehicle. Gimme bikes and scooters are not only fantastic fun, but also safety while riding and learning.