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Folding scooter CARI

Whole families ride scooters, but what vehicle will be perfect for a child? If your child does not like to part with their beloved things, it is best to buy a foldable model that he will be able to take everywhere with him.

We offer a scooter that will meet the above expectations, and it is a small foldable CARI model. The vehicle has a number of amenities that increase the safety and comfort of driving, which are so important for children.

Visiting grandparents or friends, commuting to school or playgrounds will become a great adventure for a toddler if he can get to these places on his scooter. Everyone will benefit from it: the child, because he will be in motion and in the open air, and his guardians who manage to instill in the young person the will to move.

Color versions:

Technical specifications

from 7 years

up to 100 kg

durable aluminum

145 mm

110 mm


370 mm



Gimme hulajnoga składana Cari

Smaller wheels are a big deal

The CARI folding scooter is made entirely of the highest quality aluminum. The vehicle has a shock absorber, which definitely increases the comfort of driving and the safety of the toddler.

The smaller 145 mm wheels than other scooters make the vehicle more stable and therefore safer due to the shorter distance from the platform to the ground. The child also gets less tired then and can spend more time actively on the vehicle.

Another argument in favor of choosing CARI are the materials from which the wheels are made. Namely, they are made of rubber and equipped with bearings. These two solutions additionally strengthen the sense of security and stability during even slightly faster driving.

Advanced speed regulation

The CARI scooter has up to 3-step speed regulation and a system that allows it to be folded quickly. All you need to do is release the latch located on the platform link. This is an extremely useful feature when you need to quickly fold the scooter when, for example, your child is in a hurry to get to the bus.

The handlebar of the CARI scooter uses rubber grips, on which small hands do not slip, so they can confidently perform turning maneuvers without worrying about an uncontrolled rollover.

A comfortable, wide platform is lined with non-slip material, thanks to which the toddler can confidently go straight to the destination and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about his safety.

The CARI folding scooter is a safe option for all toddlers who love outdoor rides, but also need to fold their vehicle at any time to be able to use other means of transport for longer distances. Of course, under the watchful eye of the caregivers.

Gimme is a brand created for children and parents for whom a balance bike or a scooter is an important choice during their first adventure with a two-wheeled vehicle. Gimme bikes and scooters are not only fantastic fun, but also safety while riding and learning.