balance bike with brake


Balance bike with brake Nemo

Nothing pleases parents and grandparents more than the proper development and health of their children and grandchildren, but how to encourage children to be active? A vehicle on two wheels comes to the rescue, or rather drives up.

The bicycle is an ideal toy, because with its help the child to learn many practical skills, such as maintaining balance, body balancing, agility and general mobility. And because it takes place in a playful atmosphere, learning is fun and not stressful for the child.

And so, a toddler who is better prepared to ride a bike will grow into a true fan of two wheels, who will be grateful to his guardians for encouraging him to an active lifestyle. And yet the joy and happiness of a child is what their relatives care about the most.

Color versions:

Technical specification

from 2 to 6 years

up to 30 kg

made of light steel


on bearings

3,30 kg

non-slip with covers

EVA foam


comfortable and soft


Gimme rowerek Nemo

Stress-free braking learning

One of the main skill while cycling is safe braking. Disc brakes are a great invention, but before your toddler can use them without fear, you need to tame him with stopping in a simple way.

If your toddler is able to stop on the bike in a natural way, braking with his legs, it’s time for the next level of initiation – learning how to brake with a brake. It is best prepared for this by a Nemo balance bike with a handbrake that stops the rear wheel. This method of braking is much safer than with the front brake, as the bicycle does not stop suddenly. It’s true, that the child must feel the force of pressing the brake, but after a few rides, he will learn this knowledge and feel more confident.

Original design and driving comfort

Other advantages of the Nemo bicycle that support learning to brake, are the light weight of the frame. Thanks to this functionality, the child doesn’t have to worry about holding the bike during maneuvers.

Inflatable wheels provide more traction, so they are suitable for various, even less favorable weather conditions.

Thanks to the adjustable saddle and handlebar, the child can take the perfect position on the bicycle, and then braking will be even easier for him.

The Nemo bike has one more important advantage. Thanks to the original design, your child will impress other peers. The bike has vivid colors that children love and make them stand out.

If you want your child to master the difficult art of braking, make learning easier for him and choose Nemo balance bike with a brake.

Gimme is a brand created for children and parents for whom a balance bike or a scooter is an important choice during their first adventure with a two-wheeled vehicle. Gimme bikes and scooters are not only fantastic fun, but also safety while riding and learning.