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Balance bike Leo

Are you wondering, what is the perfect gift for a child? Are you looking for an original idea that will give your toddler a lot of joy and that he will not throw away after a few hours or days of play? What will he be happy to come back to many times?

The Leo balance bike may be what your child needs. The vehicle, driven by the strength of its own muscles, will make the toddler more fit and more agile than his peers spending time on the Internet.

Balance bikes familiarize the child with the construction of these two-wheeled vehicles, so when the child grows up, it will be easy to switch to a traditional bike.

Color versions:

Technical specification

from 2 to 6 years

up to 30 kg

made of light steel


on bearings

rubber with inner tube

on bearing


4,30 kg


comfortable and soft

Gimme rowerek Leo

A friendly bike for learning to ride

The Leo balance bike has everything your child need to take first steps in mastering the art of riding on two wheels. It’s extremely stable, thanks to which the child doesn’t get stressed by not maintaining balance. This is crucial for further learning, as many children become discouraged from cycling just because they have lost their balance once or twice.

The Leo balance bike is equipped with non-slip handles, which allows the child to hold the steering wheel securely, even when the toddler’s hands are sweaty, which is not so difficult while learning to drive.

Inflatable wheels with an inner tube guarantee a very good grip of the bike to the ground. Thanks to this, the toddler feels confident in the saddle while performing various maneuvers and is not afraid of falling.

If he also learns, how to safely brake with his legs, riding a bike will be a pleasure for him. He will certainly want to develop more and more speed then, but the parent shouldn’t be afraid of this. Once your child has mastered stopping, nothing bad will happen to them.

Additional advantages of the first bicycle for a child

The Leo balance bike has an extremely torsional handlebars, so learning maneuvers and changing directions should not be too much of a challenge.

The frame is made of steel alloy and has an appropriately profiled shape for the comfort and safety of the toddler. Mastering smooth getting on the vehicle and getting off the vehicle equally smoothly is the key to the child’s full independence in moving a bike.

It’s known that a toddler who is excited about learning to ride doesn’t pay special attention to not scratching the vehicle, which is why the frame of the Leo bicycle is very resistant to damage.

The perfect first bike for your child can only be one – the Leo balance bike.

Gimme is a brand created for children and parents for whom a balance bike or a scooter is an important choice during their first adventure with a two-wheeled vehicle. Gimme bikes and scooters are not only fantastic fun, but also safety while riding and learning.