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ALEX folding scooter

A scooter is a vehicle that children love, regardless of age. Mastering the handling of a scooter is… child’s play, and once your toddler gets the hang of it, the joy of riding it will be really huge.

Do you want to make your child happy and willing to spend time actively? The ALEX scooter can be your ally in the implementation of this plan. It is foldable, so the child can easily put it away when playing with other children on the playground and then easily unfold it when he wants to take a ride.

Scooters have been a hit in recent years and the demand for them is growing steadily, and it is becoming more and more obvious for children to own this vehicle.

Color versions:

Technical specifications

from 8 years

145 – 195 cm

up to 100 kg

durable aluminum

200 mm

110 mm

foam with covers

370 mm



Gimme hulajnoga składana Alex

A safe friend for many years

Children quickly grow out of their clothes, but they will not quickly grow out of the ALEX scooter, which is designed for a height of 145 cm to as much as 195 cm. It also has an impressive load capacity of up to 100 kg. So there is no need to worry that the vehicle will become unusable shortly after purchase. It is rather an investment for years, especially if your child’s love of riding a scooter will not pass with age.

The scooter is equipped with a foot brake, so you just need to press the fender against the wheel and the vehicle will start to brake smoothly.

The scooter is available in two classic colors that will never go out of fashion: black and white. Black is the more practical choice due to less visibility of potential soiling. However, if a child wants to add style to the city, it is worth considering buying a white scooter.

Do you want to make your child happy for many years? Bet on the durable and compact ALEX folding scooter.

Foldable, more possibilities

The ALEX scooter is compact, it has been equipped with a system that allows it to be folded to a more compact size. Folding and unfolding is extremely simple and quick, and the folded vehicle takes up very little space. Thanks to this, a child who moves to different places can easily take it with him, instead of leaving it unattended.

You will be delighted with how much fun your child will have when commuting to school with this scooter, for extra activities or visiting friends.

The ALEX scooter is made of 100% high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it resistant to damage. The vehicle has foam grips on the steering wheel and a platform lined with non-slip material, which increases comfort and safety while driving.

Gimme is a brand created for children and parents for whom a balance bike or a scooter is an important choice during their first adventure with a two-wheeled vehicle. Gimme bikes and scooters are not only fantastic fun, but also safety while riding and learning.